Mission & Vision

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Our Mission: To faithfully obey Jesus by making disciples who make disciples who form churches that form churches to the 4th generation and beyond until there is no place left.

Our Vision
: To see God establish multiple church planting movements in 10 of Haiti’s major cities and on the island of La Gonave.

What is #NoPlaceLeft?
[Matthew 24:14; Acts 19:10; Romans 15:19-23]

From Genesis to Revelation we witness the mission of God from beginning to completion. He has one mission, and that is to reconcile the world to Himself (2 Cor. 5:19). Jesus promised that at the completion of God’s mission, the Gospel being spread to all nations, the end will come (Matt. 24:14). So, if we call ourselves Christians, then we all have the same mission and vision, God’s mission and vision. We must spread the Gospel until there is literally #NoPlaceLeft.

We are striving toward this goal by equipping believers and churches to: 1) evangelize those who are far from God with the good news of Jesus; 2) establish new churches among those who believe the good news; 3) disciple new believers to become healthy, reproducing, transformative churches in their community.

Now when we say “church” we don’t mean the box with a steeple. We simply mean a gathering of baptized believers devoted to obeying Jesus and living on mission together. We believe a church can meet here, there, or anywhere. Moreover, we believe it must. Over 50% of Americans are unchurched. And 53% percent of the unchurched population will not come to a church building if invited. Who is going to own this harvest field of nearly 156 million people far from God? It’s time believers are equipped and mobilized to bring Jesus and His church to all those far from God in the United States.

Click “Training Videos” to get equipped, or download helpful resources from the Resources page.

Brutal facts on Haiti:

  • Despite the heavy Christendom influence, only 16% of Haitians are evangelical followers of Jesus.
  • About 9 million Haitians are far from God.
  • If we set a goal to reach just 10% of those far from God, that would be 900,000 people.
  • As we disciple these new believers, we will need to gather them into new churches. That would be 18,000 new churches (average church size is 50).
  • To build a traditional/conventional church it would cost on average $50,000 per church.
  • We would need $900 million to plant 18,000 churches. And that’s just to reach 10% of the lost. Is that good stewardship? Is there a better way? What’s it going to take to complete the mission in Haiti? It’s time to rethink how we do church.


Percent of believers engaged in sharing Jesus

  • “Statisticians estimate that only three percent of evangelicals participate in evangelism. That means ninety seven percent of born-again believers are sitting on the sidelines. Only a small fraction of the church carries out the Savior’s command to seek and save those who are lost. The command is clear in Scripture, yet it stands unfulfilled. Something is terribly wrong!”
    – [Howard A. Tryon, Praying for You: A Workbook for Reaching Others Through Prayer (Grand Rapids: Kregel Resources, 1996), 34.]
  • “Over ninety percent of evangelical Christians have never purposefully led even one person to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.”
    – [Walter S, Bleecker with Jan Bishop, The Non-Confronter’s Guide to Leading a Person to Christ (San Bernardino, CA: Here’s Life Publishers, 1990), 15.]

What would happen if we trained and mobilized local Haitian believers to go make disciples, baptize them, and teach them to obey Jesus? What would happen if we trained everyday regular disciples of Jesus to go make disciples and form new churches? What if we trained them to be trainers themselves and to go do the same thing? Perhaps we could see Acts 19:10 happen in Haiti! Perhaps we could complete the mission in our lifetime!